Schmolke / Limited Gold Series Roadbar TLO
gold edition dropbar by Schmolke Carbon
TLO4Schmolke Carbon - Gold Series TLO EVO - sideSchmolke Carbon - Gold Series TLO - BundleTLO6Schmolke Carbon - Gold Series TLO EVOSchmolke Carbon - Gold Series TLO EVO - DetailTLO1TLO Schmolke Carbon limited edition gold seatpost

Limited Gold Series Roadbar TLO

Product Description

Limited Gold Series Roadbar TLO
Jan Frodeno reached out for Olympic Gold Beijing with the Schmolke Road Bar and Aero Clip-ons.
This outstanding success was the inspiration for manufacturing this gold piece which has gained much attention in the trade press.
A real Schmolke comes here covered in a gauzy, masterly plated, gold skin.

This edition is limited to 10 pieces.

Price: on request


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