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MTB Lowriser TLO


31,8 mm / 6° bending
Rise: 15mm
not for barends
sizes: 700-840 mm
weight: 95-110 g
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Product Description

General Information
Ergonomically designed Lowriser with 15 mm rise and 6° bend. In addition, the width of up to 840 mm allows for a persistent controlled and calm steering. This makes it especially attractive for technical challenging areas. Our Lowriser are made with a 280 mm middle section. Only the best carbon fibres (about carbon) available are good enough for the TLO line. No compromise is made in terms of stiffness and saftety, which makes this product a natural choice for cross-country. Stems with 31.8 mm clamping diameter including those with four clamping bolts may be used. Our extralight 21 mm carbon plugs are designed to fit these Lowriser bars.

Our bars may be shortened by up to 10 mm on each side, so please make sure to order the right size for your requirements. Barends cannot be used on these bars! If you are not sure about using barends, you will have to order the SL version which is 30 g heavier! The TLO bars, which do not have the option to fit barends, are not stressed as much as the SL version. This is particularly true in case of a crash. Hence they are stronger than the SL version!

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Additional Information


600 mm, 620 mm, 640 mm, 650 mm, 660 mm, 680 mm, 700 mm, 720 mm, 740 mm, 750 mm, 760 mm, 780 mm, 800 mm, 820 mm, 840 mm, 850 mm

Rider weight

91 to 110 kg, 81 to 90 kg, 71 to 80 kg, up 70 kg


As light as possible, As strong as possible


1K, 3K, UD


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